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Aug 12, 2021
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Spent 5 hours at Thunder Valley Precision here in Ohio. 200 yards out to a Mile is available. We had light winds for 3 hours b4 the front moved in with some of the nastiest T storms I've ever seen.. Between the last time I shot my .300rum and today, I got the barrel threaded, added a brake, and bedded the recoil lug in stock. Switched from factory Norma 180 Bondstrike, to factory Nosler 180 E-tips. Cold bore at 200, dead on. Worked my way out to 700 with ease. The wind moved in and the 3 attempts at 1k, I missed by a cpl inches. Frustrating but if any of you have been there, you know of the valleys and how that area is a wind tunnel. Dialed back down to 200, 500, 300, 600, 400. The turret adjustments were spot on. I took a shot at 1 mile, and I was stunned at the clarity of the small steel targets out there. To get rock solid repeatability for $450 is ridiculously impressive!! Thank you Arken for these great products!! Can't wait to head back in a few weeks! If anyone wants Once Fired Nosler and Norma brass, hit me up! Adding a few pics to this, enjoy👍😎


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