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Feb 20, 2024
In General Discussion
On 1/16/2024, I placed an order for two items: an EP-5 scope and a Rigid Precision Mount 20 MOA. On 2/9/2024, the scope was delivered but the mount was not in the box. On 2/10/2024, I sent an email to I did not receive a reply. On 2/12/2024, I sent a follow up email due to no response. I joined this forum and saw that several others were dealing with the same issue. I saw dkrat243 who works for Arken had posted on one of the other threads similar to this one stating not to send multiple emails. So I thought I would give them a few more days and then reconsider my options. Now 2/19/2024, I have still not received any correspondence from Arken's Optics' Customer Service Team. Does anyone have another method of reaching the customer service team? Phone#? Alternate email address? @Arken Optics USA ; @dkrat243 How long are we supposed to wait for a reply? I can understand being overwhelmed and overloaded, but I don't understand the complete lack of response in over a week. This is inexcusable! I think you put out a decent product, but companies with service as horrific as yours are destined to fail which means their warranty is worthless


Eagle Eye

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