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Jun 26, 2021
In General Discussion
I am currently buying various scope brands for comparison purposes. I watch reviews from Cyclops on YouTube and he never steers me wrong. I received a Tract Optics 4-20x50 a few months ago and I just ordered an Arken 6-24x50 yesterday. I have a Vortex HS-T 6-24x50 and a Leupold LRT 8.5-25x50 also. So the Arken is $450 on the low end and the Tract was $1295 but has the German Schott glass in it which is supposedly superior clarity etc. I am taking them to the range on an overcast day towards late afternoon to compare them. Since the Tract is 3 times the money I’m not going ti be happy if it’s not a VASTLY superior sight picture than the others especially the Arken. OTOH I could look at it like I found Tract and Leup quality at a vastly lower price. I’ll update with my findings after I get the Arken. Which could take a while.


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